Willen Medicine Wheel

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Catuvellauni Grove Gathering ‘Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel’ near Willen Lake in Milton Keynes

The stone circle known as the ‘Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel’ near Willen Lake in Milton Keynes takes the form of a North American ‘medicine wheel’, a universal symbol of peace.

It was created by local volunteers in conjunction with ‘Landscape Town and Country’ as a meeting place for Milton Keynes residents to celebrate the New Millennium with a focus on global peace for the 21st century.

The medicine wheel consists of two concentric circles of stones, with longer stones at the north, south, east and west points. The grass space between the circles is divided into four sectors and a depression for occasional fires is located in a smaller circle covered in gravel and planted with wild flowers.


The Medicine Wheel is set on ‘sacred’ Green Space in Willen North Park, Milton Keynes. The stones have been positioned to be in alignment with the earth’s natural powerful energies, and it is said that if prayers are offered at the centre or ‘source’ of the wheel, those wishes are amplified. At the centre is the Sacred Fire which is lit at some ceremonies. This fire represents the Sacred Spirit in all things, places, people, and for all time. The Guardians of the Wheel believe that its essence is unconditional love, wisdom, peace and illumination.

Roy Littlesun, the adopted son of a Native American elder Titus Quomayumptewa, designed and initiated the Wheel and a group of  volunteers co-ordinated and assisted in the building of the Wheel.

The Common Ground is open for use by individuals and groups for meditation, celebration and prayer. The use of the Wheel is inclusive, non-denominational and open to use by all faiths.

The Wheel is made up on 108 limestones from the village of Weston Underwood. Native Chiefs from the Onodage tribe came to Milton Keynes and spent their time praying and smoking their pipes of peace over the stones.

The Wheel has four large gateways which represent the four compass points, the seasons, the races and the four elements. The two lesser gateways on the outer circle are aligned along the earth’s natural energy line.

The outer and inner circles symbolise our outer and inner worlds, the universe and humanity within.

There is a single flat stone lying to the South East of the East Gate, known as ‘The Africa Stone’ – this is linked to the Kalahari Bush people who have also built a ‘Circle of Hearts Medicine Wheel’ in the Kalahari dessert.


The uses of the Wheel are varied, ranging from the Blessing of Rivers to International Women’s Day, All are welcome to join in any of the ceremonies. Information of coming events can be found on the notice board near the Buddhist Temple opposite the Wheel.

The Aims of the Medicine Wheel are:

To provide a Sacred Space in Willen North Park
To advance education
To widen public participation for balance of use of a green space for quiet reflection, thought, meditation, prayer, gatherings, ceremonies and celebrations
To promote the peaceful message and meaning of the Medicine Wheel
To promote cross-cultural and interfaith dialogue.

The design was inspired by the legends of the Hopi Nation in North America whose prophesies foretell an age of peace when all nations from the four corners of the earth will join together in a common effort to live in peace and harmony.

hopi indian


Native American of the Hopi Tribe

The Hopi are now a small tribe based in the ‘four corners’ region of the USA where Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico meet.

They believe we are living in the fifth world of man when the human race assembled at ‘ four corners’ will spread out in the four directions – north, south, east and west carrying a message of peace.

The ‘four corners’ or directions also representing the elements – fire, water, air, earth and their symbolic attributes.

North representing earth. south fire, east air and west water.

During our rituals we call on the four directions and the elements and the particular powers or qualities that they represent.

In Druid lore four creatures represent each direction and element.

The Bear stands in the Northern corner with the element of earth  


The Hawk of Dawn rises in the Eastern corner with the element of air


The Salmon of Wisdom swims in the Western corner in the element of water


The Stag gives chase in the Southern corner with the element of fire




Medicine Wheel, Willen Lake, North Willen Park, Milton Keynes, access from Brickhill Street (V10), MK15 0DS

free all day every day


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