Samhain Ritual

Samhain Ritual

Entry Procession:

– Musical Instruments

Claiming of Sacred Space:

– Greetings to Guardians of the Space


“I bid greetings to the Spirits of the Place, Great Guardians who ensure its safety and sanctity! We honour the sanctity of the space and ask your leave to share with you this space for sacred work and celebration … (moment of silence)”

– Calling of Awen 

Druid 2

“I call today upon the strength of Awen

Light of Sun

Radiance of Moon

Splendour of Fire

Speed of Lightning

Swiftness of Wind

Depth of Sea

Stability of Earth

Firmness of Stone

Great voice that calls in the wind of dawn, the voice that calls in the still noon

Heard in the twilight and in the pale tones of the moon

In the waking of the nights and in the beating of our hearts, speak now in blessing”

Druid 1

“We stand before the threshold between the worlds, between the years in this place that is both here and not…on this, the night of Samhain!

Hold arm up in salute

“Let there be peace within our sacred space from all directions!”

North        “Let there be peace in the North!”

South        “Let there be peace in the South!”

West         “Let there be peace in the West!”

East           “Let there be peace in the East!”

All            “Let there be peace throughout the Worlds this day and every day!

Honouring of the Worlds (land sea, sky – upper, middle under worlds) 

– Blessing of Water 

West       “Great Ones of the Sea, bless this creature of water to your service. May we always remember the waters that give us life and the waters of the cauldron of rebirth; and may we be respectful to all who dwell within.”

– Blessing of Salt 

North        “Great Ones of the Land, bless this creature of earth to your service. May we always be mindful of the sacred earth and all She provides for us; and may we be respectful of all who dwell upon and within.

Druid 1  Mixes the water and salt together (/|\)

– Blessing of the Feather

East        “Great Ones of the Sky, bless this creature of air to your service. May we be mindful of the life giving air we breathe and the spirit wind that brings the voices of the Ancient Ones; and may we be respectful of all those who live via the air.”

– Blessing of the Blade

South      “Great Ones of the Forge, you who have the power to combine the elements, bless this creature of Earth, air, water and fire to your service. May we always be mindful of the duality of its nature and be respectful of the power that comes with wielding it.”

Dip the blade into the water as this is being said and hand to Druid 2

Druid 2    “By the child of the elements” holding the blade aloft, “created through the fire that dwells in all three realms;

By Land and Sea and Sky;

From the depths and from the heights and from the heights to the depths

Let this grove be hallowed, let this ground be holy, let this ground be claimed this night for our sacred work

Let us be purified, let us be protected, let us be blessed …”


Blessing of Space and Attendees: 

– Sweeping of space and blessing of attendees 

With the feather, East will sweep the space clockwise and will bless the attendees.

Opening of Gateway with the Blade:

Druid 2   “Having been blessed and cleansed, let us now approach the Gateway….

holding blade aloft 

“O Manannon Lord of Wisdom, Lord of Travel and Lord of the Gate, open the gate for us. Please grant us your protection and guidance along the road as we respect the sacred laws along the shining path. Guide us along the path to wisdom. ”

All :  Chanting Awen three times

Druid 1   Sprinkles offering of Water and Salt (/|\) clockwise around circle

Honouring the Ancestors: 

Druid 1   “let us honour the ancestors”

Facing North 

“   – Great Ancestors of the Land…Great Ones who helped to shape this land and its people; we bring you greetings and welcome your presence here among us always!

– Great Ancestors of our Heroic Past…Great Ones who helped to shape our ethics and our freedom, we bring you greetings and welcome your presence here among us always!

– Great Ancestors of our Blood…Great Ones without whose blood we would not be and without whose blood we cannot carry forth our legacy, we bring you greetings and welcome your presence here among us always!”


All Chant Awen 3 times

Honouring the Aspects: 

East     “Greetings and blessings, Great Artisans, Teachers and Singers…we honour your knowledge, creativity and wisdom!”

South      “Greetings and blessings, Great Warriors, smiths and advocates…we honour your courage, strength and will!”

West        “Greetings and blessings, Great Healers, Nurturers and Guides…we honour your caring, your love and your healing!”

North        “Greetings and blessings, Great Hearthkeepers, Labourers and Tradesfolk…we honour stability, your skill and your ethics!”

Invocation of Patron/Matron Powers (Deities) of this rite – Samhain: Morrighan/Daghda (Wine, stones, feathers, spices, oatmeal, hot water) 

Druid 1   “On sleek black wings you fly, your call echoing through the air, obscure yet your voice is heard by all. Great Queen, Gracious Guide of Souls, Dark Goddess of Fate, please accept our offerings:”

Morrighan steps forward

“Wine to represent the blood of the courageous” (pour wine into Morrighan’s Chalice)

“Stones to represent the bones of the earth” (place little stones at the foot of the Chalice)

“Feathers so that you may watch over us during the earth’s sleep.

Accept our sacrifice, Great Queen, and be welcome in our Grove!”

Morrighan takes up the Chalice

Druid 2 – “In the Halls of life you dwell and from your endless cauldron you grace the courageous with food to sustain them. Lord of Abundance, Lord of the Cauldron, Great Father of the Gods, please accept our sincere hospitality:”

Daghda steps forward

“We offer this oatmeal in Friendship and in honour of your unending grace

Grains of earth for abundance (put dry oatmeal in bowl)

Spices for pleasure (add cinnamon and ginger)

And the waters of cauldron for blessing (add hot water and stir)

Accept our sacrifice, Great Father, and be welcome in our Grove!”

Dagdha takes up the bowl

Honouring the Others: 

Druid 1 “– Greetings and welcome to all who wish to join us in this our sacred space as we celebrate this rite. (/|\)

– We trust that all who enter here do so with good intention and respect of our sacred ground

– May our work tonight reflect our values and show respect to this place and those who keep it!” (/|\)

Druid 1

“– Samhain was traditionally a time of gathering for folks before the weather got too cold for travelling. Samhain was also the end of summer and the start of the season of Chaos that would last until midwinter. It was at this time that the people would completely extinguish their home fires to create closure of the old year. During Samhain rites, the Druids would relight the sacred fires and bless the people, cattle and property. People would then take torches of these fires home with them to relight their hearthfires to burn for yet another year.

Also, Samhain was the time when the veil between our world and the Otherworld would thin out and lift, allowing the spirits of the dead to walk among the living. The living would honour the coming of their Beloved Dead by leaving out feasts for them and lighting the hearth fire to welcome them in. Lights were sometimes left in windows to guide the dead home.

Think about your Beloved Dead. Who do you wish to guide home to feast with us tonight in remembrance and honour?”

Herald Hands out candles to everyone and South lights everyone’s candle

Call to the Ancestors:

Druid 2     “– We have reached the halls of remembrance and as such make a call to our own beloved dead Ancestors whom we honour on this night. You have passed on to the Shining Realms…we honour your memory and we miss you. As we join you in darkness, allow our flames to guide you to us in honour of your memory.”

Memorial chant sung by all 

Offering of Feast for the Dead/Libations: 

Druid 1   “The veil is thin and we welcome you to come and feast with us in your honour. Your journey has been long and we wish to show our hospitality through a feast in your honour. Put up your travel worn feet, hang up your dusty cloaks and join with us as we share food and drink.”

Libations to be passed around

Morrigan takes around chalice and Daghda the bowl of porridge

Grounding and Centering – Bringing us back into ourselves:

Music:           drumming and chanting

Druid 1   “– As with all visits to the Otherworld, we need to come back into ourselves and our world of form. We have celebrated our victories and shared hospitality with our Beloved Dead, we have danced with the Gods and lit candles to welcome our ancestors home…but now it is time for us to start thinking of our return to the World of Form…our world.

I want you to close your eyes and feel the solid ground beneath your feet. Feel how it supports you and feel how you are drawn to it through gravity. Quietly in your mind, I want you to think of yourself as a tree with your roots digging deep into the ground.

While your roots grow, I want you to root yourself with your mundane information…think of your name, your children, your job, your school, your friends and all that you love in your life as a living being of this realm of existence.

Think of all your mundane information and think it silently to yourself as your roots grow. Let your mundane information root you in this world. Listen to the sounds around you and the breathing of the people next to you. You are a creature of this world, you are a creature of flesh and blood, you are a creature with the ability to traverse between the worlds! You are a child of the Gods!

Let us now begin our journey to the end of this celebration …”

Final thanks to seasonal Patrons and closing statements: 

Druid 1 “ – We thank thee, Morrighan, Great Queen, Inspirer of Courage, Great Securer of Victory for your guidance and presence tonight. May we honour the spirit of courage that dwells within us all, may we strive to uphold honour and ethics in our practices.

Druid 2  “ – We thank thee, Daghda, Great Father, Provider of Sustenance, Great Securer of Victory, for your guidance and presence tonight. May we continue to seek our paths with courage and may we strive to uphold our standard of service and love.”

Druid 1 and Druid 2 – “As we leave this space tonight, may we be mindful of your grace and your will as well as our own.”

Sending out of our energy and work into the surroundings: 

Druid 1   “– May the work performed here tonight be blessed and carried forth by the Gods of our People, the Spirits of our Space and the Will in our hearts. Blessed be!


Blessings and thanks to all: 

Druid 1   “– Blessings and deepest thanks to all who have come to honour this night with the Catuvellauni Grove. Go if you must, stay if you will.

Blessings and thanks to our own Beloved Dead who shared with us the Feast of Remembrance. May your journeys be blessed and may we keep fond memories of you alive forever.

Blessings and thanks to the realms of Land and Sea and Sky, may we honour your sustenance of our lives always. ”

 – Blessings to the Aspects 

East – Blessings and thanks to you, Great artisans, teachers and singers. Ere you depart in peace to your realms, may there always be harmony and peace between us. Hail and Farewell. (\|/)

(All) – Hail and farewell!

South – Blessings and thanks to you, Great warriors, smiths and advocates. Ere you depart in peace to your realms, may there always be harmony and peace between us. Hail and Farewell. (\|/)

(All) – Hail and farewell!

West – Blessings and thanks to you, Great healers, nurturers and guides. Ere you depart in peace to your realms, may there always be harmony and peace between us. Hail and Farewell. (\|/)

(All) – Hail and farewell!

North – Blessings and thanks to you, Great hearth-keepers, labourers and trades folk. Ere you depart in peace to your realms, may there always be harmony and peace between us. Hail and Farewell. (\|/)

(All) – Hail and farewell!

– Blessings to the Ancestors 

Druid 2   “– Great ancestors of Land, History and Blood, may your positive wisdom and influence carry through us from this day onwards. Ere you depart to your realms, may here always be peace and harmony before you. Hail and farewell”. (\|/)

(All) – Hail and farewell!

– Guardians of the Space 

Druid 1 “– Great guardians and Spirits of the Place, may you be always nourished as your presence has nourished us this night.

May you always find protection and may the energies of your worlds flow freely with love and inspiration. Be forever blessed Hail and Farewell!”

Final closing of ritual and closing of gate: 

Druid 1   “– Mannannan, you have kept us safe and guided us on our journey tonight. May we always remember this sacred experience and be forever thankful for your presence and grace.

By the Keeper of the Gates and the Will of our Hearts, may the Gate be closed!”

Reverse sweeping feather

Druid 1 “This celebration ends in peace as it began. May the work of this rite and the blessings we have received go with us as we depart this night. May it sustain us and strengthen us until again we meet! ”

Hail and Farewell and may we be blessed in this new season! (\|/) 

Cascading Awens

                       /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\   /|\ 

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